Sunday Best Song Lyrics

Sunday Best

Well, I pulled up To that church of Christ With a broken heart And bloodshot eyes Too hungover to go inside So, I hung my head and drove on by And I don’t feel like Hallelujah With this aching in my chest So here I sit out on some backroad paper sack and Marlboro reds … Read more

Neon Diamonds Song Lyrics

Neon Diamonds

My left hand ain’t interested in nothin’ but a drink in it Yeah, I’ll have this dance, I like this song it’s got some swing in it You ain’t Johnny and I ain’t June But you can be my man in black tonight, baby, if you want to Someday, I want the weddin’ Somethin’ borrowed, … Read more

LA Song Lyrics


My name ain’t on every list But they say I’m where the party is I drive a Beamer through the mud Well, I’m kind of redneck Hollywood When you say LA, I think Louisiana Lower Alabama, stars up in the sky And I ain’t been to California Way too far from Georgia But one day … Read more

Rolling Stone Song Lyrics

Rolling Stone

Waking up here in your arms I feel like a queen in your king-size bed The sun’s lightin’ up your face in the dark And I see the wheels turnin’ in your head Think you’re the one that’s gonna turn me around Give me a ring and settle me down Got a little hold on … Read more

Small Town, Girl Song Lyrics

small town girl

Yeah, a small-town girl oughta know better Than to ride through town on a Friday night Go haulin’ ’round stuff that belongs to another And leanin’ on over at a red light That’s right Yeah, a small-town girl oughta grow up knowing That ’round here you can’t be a liar One little spark gonna wind … Read more

Dirty Looks Song Lyrics

Dirty Looks

I know it’s been a long day, you been haulin’ that hay You need a break from workin’ in the sunshine So you met me in here for a couple of beers Just to wash away that overtime Now you’re sayin’ that you wish you would’ve cleaned up But you know I don’t care about … Read more

Two Sides Of Bad Song Lyrics

Two Sides Of Bad

You wouldn’t know it by the way he talks Above his bed there’s a Baptist cross And another one around his neck He calls his mama every other night It’s a rare thing if he ever picks a fight There ain’t nothin’ that he can’t fix But that’s pretty much where it ends ‘Cause he’s … Read more