Caught On Fire Song Lyrics

Caught On Fire

Fireworks goin’ off inside [?]¬†when a soul comes alive You can’t stand still but you still can’t move When the passion and the heat overpowers you Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Why turn off a feeling that takes you higher? Whoa-oh-oh, whoa-oh-oh Why put out a heart when it’s caught on fire? It might burn, leave you with … Read more

Gravel Song Lyrics

Gravel Song Lyrics

I was standin’ in the driveway waiting on our first date When you come rollin’ in about twenty minutes late But I knew your good intentions won’t hold any mention Of any kind of rising gossip somebody might have to say ‘Cause the word around town Was your bank account’s down To a few coins … Read more

WWDD Song Lyrics


Big heart, big smile Big voice on the radio dial Like a country music modern day apostle Yeah, I leaned in like it was gospel WWDD That’s the bottom line for me My go-to compass and my golden rule When life rings my southern bell I just gotta ask myself, hell What would Dolly do … Read more

Hillbilly Hippie Song Lyrics

Hillbilly Hippie

F250 with a daisy on the dash God, guns, country bumper sticker on the back Throwback bell rangin’ britches fit like a Friday night Mama’s got chicken popping in the Crisco Daddy prays for rain so the green money grows Barefoot barbed wire boondocks till I tie-dye Hillbilly hippie Right down to the bone A … Read more

Two Story House Song Lyrics

Two Story House

Older doesn’t always make you taller And those pictures on mama’s fridge prove that And if that room we shared up the stairs was any smaller Our eyes would’ve been a little less brown and a little more black But we both looked out the same window Wished on the same stars Hung our blue … Read more

Bright Side Song Lyrics

bright side

Hey, girl, you got out without a scratch You coulda been facedown with a knife in your back Packed it up right in time You coulda been his Jane, his fool, or worse, his wife So keep drivin’, keep ridin’ All you need’s four wheels, gas, and the horizon Look on the bright side, you … Read more