Tougher Song Lyrics


Me and Hannah did everything together, said we’d be best friends forever Then her Mama got a job that was better, cross the parish line And I was one summer shy of eleven When Granddaddy took a ride up to Heaven It ain’t ever been an easy lesson, on how to say goodbye They say … Read more

Where My House Stood Song Lyrics

where my house stood

Concrete steps, mockingbird feeder Wrap around porch, rusted hot water heater Washing machine thumping on that hardwood floor Oak tree tire swing, rain in the gutter Screen door slamming, Mama’s cooking with butter Breeze is blowing in through them red french doors And all these things were responsible for raising And planting my feet on … Read more

Dreamcatcher Song Lyrics


I’ll be your whisper in the wind In the moonlight dancin on your skin And like a son I’ll come back again To pull you close and draw you in I’ll be your shelter in the rain And a shooting star to take your pain The common heat of a burning flame The best kind … Read more

Microphone Song Lyrics


Don’t worry I ain’t gonna say a word Run your name deep down in the dirt It’ll stay between me and her Don’t worry I ain’t gonna say a word It ain’t nobody’s buisness anyway If that’s her perfume on my pillowcase Who really cares how many times you stay It ain’t nobody’s buisness anyway … Read more