How to Book the Perfect Hotel when Visiting Haiti

So, you’ve decided to visit Haiti. This could be a daring endeavor, especially if you’ve never been to an exotic country before. There are many challenges ahead of you, such as choosing the right area of Haiti to visit, manage your finances, figuring out who’ll care for your pets while you’re gone and so on.

But booking the right hotel is often an overlooked aspects of travel planning. Don’t be that guy and plan everything thoroughly, including the hotel you will be staying at. Here are some tips to help you pick the hotel that meets your needs to the letter:

The Location

Nothing is more important than the hotel’s location. You can even sacrifice the amenities and top customer service, so long as your hotel is located as close to your points of interest as possible. You want to be able to access your favorite touristic sites easy and fast. You don’t want to waste time driving your car for an hour between your hotel and the sites you wish to visit.

Time management is essential, so make sure that your hotel is farther than 10-15 minutes of driving from the first local attraction.


It goes without saying that your budget plays a critical role in choosing the right hotel. If you can’t afford a 5-star hotel, there’s no reason why you should stretch your pockets. Most importantly, I advise avoiding that even if you do afford it. After all, you’re going to visit Haiti, not Haiti hotels.

You won’t spend too much time in your hotel anyway, aside from sleeping and eating. Don’t go overboard with your hotel expenses and save money for other local activities that are worth more for the buck.


This point might seem like it contradicts the previous one, but it doesn’t. Just because your hotel isn’t a 5-star establishment doesn’t mean that you need to ignore it completely. After all, your hotel’s amenities will most certainly contribute to making your stay a bit comfier and sweeter.

Look for amenities like an outdoor pool, cozy and clean rooms, great customer service, good and diverse food, and whatever you might consider necessary. You might plan to eat out anyway, but it doesn’t hurt to try out the hotel’s cuisine either, for instance. They typically have chefs specializing in both local and foreign dishes to cover a wider palette of preferences.

Reviews and Ratings

Reading some relevant reviews about the hotel you’re interested in is a must. On the one hand, it allows you to learn about other users’ experiences with the establishment. You can learn about how the staff treats the customers, how the food is, or take a peak at the housing conditions.

It also allows you to learn about the place’s security measures. After all, you’re going into another country which, as welcoming and magical it might seem, does carry risks. Especially when talking about an exotic place with a high touristic profile. You want to make sure that your hotel can provide security and protect your luggage, car, and persona.

Check the Language

This is a very important aspect, yet most people ignore it completely. You might find yourself in a pickle if you don’t speak French or Creole and the hotel staff doesn’t speak your language. What then? You should make sure that you can communicate with the staff and vice-versa.

It wouldn’t hurt to become familiarized with some French or Creole words of expressions before leaving home. This might help you communicate with both the hotel staff and the locals, should you ever need it.

Cancellation Policy

You never know when the unforeseen happens and you need to cancel your trip. Make sure that the hotel has a solid cancelation policy, because not all hotels are alike. This point is even more important if you’re booking your trip weeks or months in advance. This means there’s plenty of time for plans to change for one reason or another.

Now that you know the basics of choosing the right hotel, what should you take with you? Here are some tips:

  • Extra cash for unforeseen situations
  • The basic hygiene items like shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush, several rows of clothing, slippers, etc.
  • Camera for photos
  • Travel documents, and so on

Haiti has a variety of worthwhile locations, including Cap-Haitien, which ranks among the most visited areas in the country. There are plenty of memorable attractions, infused with both historical and cultural significance. If you’re looking for a hotel nearby, Residence Royale Hotel in Cap-Haitien is located in the heart of the region, providing you with easy access to all of the sites you wish to visit.

But don’t take my word for it. Use today’s tips to figure out your own Haiti hotel in the region, depending on what you like and need. The perfect hotel is right there, waiting for you. You just need to find it.